Creating Groups 

Out of virtue of the Restrict Group Creation plugin, we are able to limit Group Creation to Teachers only. This is not to say that we don’t want students to have a say in the Groups that are created, but having a vetting process does ensure that there is no duplication.

Restrict Group Creation relies on the WordPress Capabilities built into the software. We promote teachers to Contributors, and that allows them to create groups. This has been problematic because we are finding that teachers are accidentally posting on the main Commons blog (the one they are contributors on) rather than their own blog.

My hope with this hotfix is to create a new “teacher” role, that can create groups, but won’t create the confusion that currently exists when teachers look under their My Sites listing and they see the Commons.

I’ve added this bit of code to Plugins/ bp-custom.php file.

'add_role( 'commons_groupies', 'Teacher', array( 'read', 'commons_groupies' ) );'