Support for LaTeX Representation 

The functionality for displaying complex Scientific and Mathematical equations and has been added through the power LaTeX: an open source document preparation system used to ease the representation of equations in online and print publications.

Because the Commons has been built using WordPress, we can utilize the vast resources available on their support site to help explain this functionality and how to use it within your blog posts. This may seem pretty advanced at first, but using the information at this link as a guide, along with the support available in the other links I’ve included in this post (along with this wikibooks guide) should make the process easier.

In no time, you’ll be posting equations like this:

$latex G_{ab}^{(1)} = -\frac{1}{2}\partial^c\partial_c \bar{\gamma}_{ab} + \partial^c\partial_{(b}\bar{\gamma}_{a)c} -\frac{1}{2}\eta_{ab}\partial^c\partial^d\bar{\gamma}_{cd} = 8\pi T_{ab}$


This functionality is not enabled by default to minimize the code running on all of the blogs, but can be added by request (pending a streamlined process).