Wow, Stats from @piwik OR What Happened to my Stats 

We have recently enabled piwik to provision site stats to our users. This will allow all users to see the traffic their site is receiving. Previously this service was provided by the Jetpack plugin for the select users who took advantage of that plugin. If you have Jetpack activated, the stats from Jetpack still exist under your dashboard if you click on Jetpack/Site Stats. This new analytics infrastructure allows all members of the HWDSB Commons to see the traffic their site is garnering (Jetpack requires the user to be 13 years, which excluded a large number of our young bloggers).

Piwik is an open source company, like WordPress, which aligns with our mission to leverage the open source community whenever possible in deference to commercial tools. We believe that Open Source software, and the spirit of community that is developed within its user base, is a powerful force, allowing users to contribute to a community, rather than merely existing as a product to be advertised at.

As always, report any problems of glitches you encounter either by commenting on this post, or by @mentioning @jarbenne on the Commons.

Thanks as always to @rfowler, who takes the vision and makes it a reality for our users.