Don’t Flag this Post as Inappropriate 

Those of you with blogs will notice a new functionality that allows users to flag posts and comments on the site as inappropriate. This has always been an option on the main site, and we are now extending it to all of the sites on the Commons. Only logged in users see the option to flag content. When an item is flagged, the 21CL team is notified, along with anyone who holds the admin role on the blog on which the content exists. We’ve also enhanced these notifications so that they not only send an email, but also result in a message in the top toolbar: this is particularly useful for our members who aren’t checking email regularly, but are logging into the Commons and noting their unread notification alerts.

Some of you may have noticed these emails populating your inbox. There are two types:

  • One that indicates that something you have posted has been identified by someone else as inappropriate
  • One that indicates that an item on the blog you are the administrator on has been flagged

Please speak to your students about what constitutes content that should be flagged. As always, if you have questions, comment away.