Managing Your Media 

We have updated the storage provider for the Commons. This should have no impact on your site, but it has allowed us to increase the default storage capacity of your blog to 5GB (from the 750MB we previously provided). Our continued hope is that both students and teachers are able to utilize the Commons as an ongoing archive of learning from across their entire tenure at HWDSB. We will continue to monitor usage, and increase this as necessary. This increase, coupled with the ability to embed content from your Google Drive (this doesn’t impact your storage on the Commons, and your Google Drive has unlimited storage capacity) should attend to storage concerns.

I would like to take this opportunity to ensure that everyone understands how the media library on the Commons works. All media you upload to posts, pages, or directly into the Media section of the dashboard will be listed in the Media Library. If you delete posts or pages from the blog, the media (photos, videos, files) stays in the media library. This functionality is in place to allow a blogger to re-use media in multiple posts (eg: a stock photo of students reading in every post about reading: if you deleted one of those posts, the other posts using that photo would still have access to the media). If you have deleted posts, and want to delete the media that was attached to that post, you will need to go into the Media Library and delete that content separately.

With that in mind, note that if you delete items from the Media Library, they will no longer be available in any of your blog posts. Deleting media from the library deletes the media permanently: it cannot be recovered. Deleting files from the media library deletes the files from your blog posts.

If you have reached the maximum quota on your blog, please email someone on the 21CL team, so that we can help increase the storage capacity of your site, or assist in finding media you are no longer using.

As always, if you are having issues, or need assistance, you can email the 21CL team, or comment to the posts on this site.