Flag this as Inappropriate 

You’ll notice a new button on the Activity Stream, and on your blogs. This button has been created to help you to help us to maintain a safe and caring space for learning here on the Commons. For this to work effectively, we need you to understand what kind of content should be flagged and what kind of content probably doesn’t need to be flagged.

Flag content that is offensive, that is hurtful, or that is considered bullying. Flag racist, hateful, or inappropriate language.

Flag content to draw attention to something that you think needs to be seen by a teacher. If you think someone needs help though, go talk to your teacher as well, who can contact the right person for more assistance.

DO NOT flag content if you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, but their opinion is not offensive. Comment on their post instead, to create a friendly dialogue. We can’t all agree on everything all the time. You may feel it is inappropriate for me to say “I don’t care for Bustin Jieber’s Music” (the famous accordion player), but that isn’t something you should flag. Instead you can tell me what it is about the accordion that makes it such a powerful instrument, and what makes Bustin such an adept practitioner.

If you have any comments, or additional feedback, add it to the comments field below.