Anthologize Yourself 

The end is nigh (no this isn’t a reference to Mayan mythology) and you may want to start thinking about an exit strategy for the end of the year. I don’t want to seem like I’m sending this out too soon, but it’s never to early to start thinking about processes for the end of June. Don’t worry about your content: our intent is that your blog goes with you as an eportfolio of your work from year to year (we will not delete student blogs in July,), but teachers might be thinking in terms of both wanting to start fresh in Sept, but also looking to archive all the great work that was accomplished throughout the year.

Group blogs that will not be sustained beyond this school year may also need to be captured, to provide a way to celebrate all the good thinking that happened on your blended learning space. You will now find in the Dashboard of all of the Blogs on the Commons, the ability to Anthologize your blog. Use this tool to create a PDF or EPUB file of all (or some) of the post from your site. The instructions for using Anthologize are posted here:

If you do decide to delete all the content from this year (especially applicable to teachers who have used the Commons as a School/Home communication platform), you may want to export the posts just in case you decide to change your mind and want to import your content into a new blog at a later date. You can do this under Tools>Export.

Those teachers who have create groups, there isn’t as easy a way to export the work within the group. You may decide to do some housekeeping, or you may decide to leave the content up as reference exemplars for your class next year. You can always delete your group and start fresh, or you can go into the Group Settings menu and remove the students as members to make way for your incoming class.