Import Calendar Items onto Your Blog 

Those of you who use the Events Calendar functionality on your blog, and also maintain a course on the HWDSB HUB (D2L) will be happy to know we have developed a means to post events from your course calendar directly to your blog events calendar. Visit the Plugins menu and Activate the Events Calendar – iCalendar Importer.

How to use?

  • Make sure The Events Calendar is already installed and activated.
  • Activate the The Events Calendar – iCalendar Importer┬áplugin.
  • Navigate to the “Events > iCal Import” page.
  • Next, enter in the location of your iCalendar files.
  • Optionally, add a category slug so your imported events can be categorized appropriately and also set a custom interval to let WordPress know when it should sync the iCalendar.
  • You can immediately test the import by checking the “Manual Sync” checkbox.
  • Hit “Save changes” and that should be it!

Here’s a quick video to explain how this could work. This plugin could work in combination with the Feed WordPress plugin (feeding your D2L/HUB Newsfeed events to the Blog as new posts) to create a publicly accessible Newsfeed and Calendar — in blog form — from your D2L/HUB course. This will also work if you are using a Google Calendar and want to feed events from multiple calendars onto one centralized blog calendar.