Taking off the Jetpack

I think we have had the Jetpack plugin activated on the Commons since we first launched back in 2012. As we have grown, so as it. Although the functionality it provides is incredibly useful, we can no longer ignore the how unwieldy the plugin has become for us to manage on a platform used by students. This isn’t a slight against its developers: I imagine they don’t have sites like us in mind when they are building out the plugin. We’ve done our best to shield students from the login prompts and subscription advertisements that pop up throughout the dashboard, but it seems over the last few years, we’ve just had to continually add additional code to hide features that don’t align to our site usage. When you look at the list of modules we are turning off, it far exceeds the number we are running.


If you notice something has broken on your site please let us know either via email or in the comments here. We will be working over the next few weeks to find alternatives for functionality that we want to preserve.