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    jarbenne 12:52 pm on April 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Moving Media 

    We’ve started to move existing media over to a faster server to help increase the performance of the site. If you notice any issues or problems (disappearing photos would be the assumed impact if things go wrong) please reach out so we can provide a fix.

    Happy Blogging.

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    jarbenne 9:57 pm on March 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Broadcast Posts 

    2016-03-29_21-53-15We are deploying a new functionality on the Commons called Broadcast. The Broadcast box at the bottom right of the post edit page will allow you to take a post and cross-post/duplicate/broadcast the post to another blog.

    Historically we have always felt that students should have one main blog, on which the post all of their work. We recognize that classrooms and initiatives set up group blogs for a variety of purposes, but we didn’t want students to have numerous blogs established for one grade or one course that would have one or two posts on them, and then would be abandoned, when one of the key features of blogging is the ongoing portfolio of work it provides for a student to look back on. We have attempted to endorse the idea that students could use categories to properly categorize their work, much like I do on my blog, with topics like technology, pedagogy, and the Commons.  This is fine, but it can make it difficult — particularly in secondary (in elementary we find the teacher is usually responsible for multiple subjects and can just Follow the blog) — for a teacher to locate the posts a student has written for History, and Science, and English, if they are using the blog for multiple courses during the same semester.

    Broadcast is our attempt to attend to this. If the English teacher creates a group blog for the course (using the Hub Sync functionality to add their students as Authors), then the students can broadcast their posts to that central blog using the new broadcast function. This provides a central location for students to see the work of their classmates. Currently comments left on the group blog sync to the student’s individual blog. The students can set it up so that the links on on the group blog will redirect back to the parent permalink (back to the student’s blog where the post was initially created.)

    We are still crushing some bugs, but would love some classrooms to test out this functionality and either email me or comment below with feedback and commentary.

    I’ve Broadcast this post over to my personal blog (so meta).

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    jarbenne 2:58 pm on March 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

    Publish Unlisted Posts 

    Did you know you can now post an unlisted 2016-03-07_14-53-31post on the Commons. This post won’t show up in your blog feed, or when users search your site, but will be available directly at the link for anyone you’ve shared the link with.

    Check it out by toggling the Edit button beside Visibility in your Commons Dashboard, directly above the Publish Button.

    This could be useful if you are looking to share a post more selectively with  smaller audience, or as a means of submitting a blog post to a Dropbox within the HUB prior to opening it up for comment by the blog reading public.


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    jarbenne 2:51 pm on March 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Provide Feedback on a Draft Post 

    We have a new functionality within the Commons that allows users to add feedback to a post prior to it being published on the site.

    Here are the steps.

    This could also be useful to submit a blog post to a dropbox within the HUB prior to publication. Comment below if you have any additional questions or run into any issues.

    Thanks to Automattic for sharing this plugin on Github.

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    jarbenne 2:22 pm on March 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Post by Email, and Other Jetpack Functionality 

    We’ve heard some feedback from users that posting from small devices like phones can be problematic. I’ve just completed an instruction sheet for activating Jetpack to allow users to leverage the Post by Email functionality to use the email app on their phone, which may provide a better editing experience. The initial steps in this tutorial would also allow users to enable other items like the Publicize settings, that allow auto-posting to social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Currently only staff are able to access this functionality because we don’t have a good way to identify student users over the age of 13. A good deal of this functionality can also be achieved using recipes on the website.


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    jarbenne 11:27 pm on February 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Managing Your Media 

    We have updated the storage provider for the Commons. This should have no impact on your site, but it has allowed us to increase the default storage capacity of your blog to 5GB (from the 750MB we previously provided). Our continued hope is that both students and teachers are able to utilize the Commons as an ongoing archive of learning from across their entire tenure at HWDSB. We will continue to monitor usage, and increase this as necessary. This increase, coupled with the ability to embed content from your Google Drive (this doesn’t impact your storage on the Commons, and your Google Drive has unlimited storage capacity) should attend to storage concerns.

    I would like to take this opportunity to ensure that everyone understands how the media library on the Commons works. All media you upload to posts, pages, or directly into the Media section of the dashboard will be listed in the Media Library. If you delete posts or pages from the blog, the media (photos, videos, files) stays in the media library. This functionality is in place to allow a blogger to re-use media in multiple posts (eg: a stock photo of students reading in every post about reading: if you deleted one of those posts, the other posts using that photo would still have access to the media). If you have deleted posts, and want to delete the media that was attached to that post, you will need to go into the Media Library and delete that content separately.

    With that in mind, note that if you delete items from the Media Library, they will no longer be available in any of your blog posts. Deleting media from the library deletes the media permanently: it cannot be recovered. Deleting files from the media library deletes the files from your blog posts.

    If you have reached the maximum quota on your blog, please email someone on the 21CL team, so that we can help increase the storage capacity of your site, or assist in finding media you are no longer using.

    As always, if you are having issues, or need assistance, you can email the 21CL team, or comment to the posts on this site.

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    jarbenne 9:10 pm on February 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Some Changes to File Storage 

    We’ve instituted a change to how we store files on Commons. We’ve done extensive testing on a staging server, but there are always scenarios we may not foresee in our testing, so I’m hoping you’ll let us know if you run into issues with imagery in the next few days.

    This change should allow us to provision a larger storage capacity to all of you avid photo-bloggers out there. Please let @jarbenne know via the comments below, or via email, if you are seeing any strange behaviour with uploaded files.

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    jarbenne 8:27 pm on November 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Twitter Curator 

    Those of you familiar with Storify might want to look into a new (to me) service offered by Twitter living at

    It allows users to query Twitter and create embedable collections of Tweets that can be shared in spaces just like this:


    Thanks to @acarpino for prompting the discovery.

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    jarbenne 4:08 pm on November 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Giving Everyone A Little Jetpack 

    Jetpack is a plugin we’ve been running on a number of different blogs for some time now. It adds some additional functionality usually only reserved for bloggers using the service. Some of you may have it activated on your site already. We’ve developed a way to give everyone access to some of the modules in Jetpack. Staff will be able to extend that functionality by going into Settings/General and toggling on the “Enable Jetpack functionality? ” which will open up the option to sign in with a username and password (separate from your Commons login) and add more modules.

    What this does is allows us to use Jetpack with students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to sign up for a username because of age restrictions, and allows staff to take advantage of the service on their blog if they want to add additional items.

    If you were previously signed in and are now seeing an Development Mode notice in the Jetpack settings, simply go into Settings/General and turn your JetPack back on.

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    jarbenne 9:49 pm on October 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Additional Download Functionality Added to Google Drive Embed Tools 

    Now — in addition to being able to upload content straight from your Google Drive and embed it on your blog — you can offer your users the option of downloading that file so they can store it elsewhere.

    This is is great if you are sharing a template you need your users to further edit or save in their own cloud storage account.

    Thanks as always to our amazing developer Ray Hoh, and to @trooth for the suggestion.

    Of course we love to share, and believe that a great way to teach students how to code in the real world is by modelling, and providing access to real world examples. So if you are interested in seeing the code, or are hosting your own WordPress community, you can find the latest version of this on our Github.

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